New German Volunteers

Wow, the time is running fast.
It’s 3 month ago that the new German volunteers, Sven and Lucy, arrived in South Africa, to volunteer at Thakaneng and be part of the big family.

And they already organized an awesome Outing for the children:
26.10. – Kaiser  Chiefs vs. Orlando Pirates at Soccer City – Johannesburg.
They went with 30 children enjoying the undecided match of the 2 biggest soccer teams in South Africa.

outing Chiefs against Pirates
Just before going to holidays, Lucy posted a long text about the Project and its needs on her blog.

This is the link of the article, it’s a German blog, but if you want to see some actual pictures, or if you are able to understand German, than don’t hesitate to have a look at it.

We are very thankful to have you here, Sven and Lucy, and even more that you are so motivated to support us in any way.

Keep on doing such  a good job.


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